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Part I

    This blog follows up on a previous item posted three weeks ago on answering the question, “Will Christianity Decline in the 21st Century?” It provided supporting data showing that, indeed, Christianity has declined 13% since 1900 and that the rate of decline has increased dramatically since 1990.

   Nine causes of the decline were identified, including the growth of the first cause—secularism. The current blog addresses the second cause of the decline—The Influence of Modern Science on Society. Because of the extensive material on science’s influence on society, including its profound effect upon Christianity, four parts are needed to explain the impact of this cause. The four parts include: (1) The Age of Science Emerges, (2) How Science Contradicts Christianity, (3) Science Looks at Christianity, Polytheism, and Paganism, and (4) Christianity’s Myths and the Bombshell of the Talpiot Tomb.

 What follows is a chronological account of how science emerged, scientific discoveries, and the scientists who made them. The impact of their discoveries changed all modern societies and almost all cultures on earth. The influence of science has not only been far-reaching, but has socially and intellectually altered the way most societies and cultures think.

The evolution of science itself is about people and scientists who forever changed the course of history. Their lives are fascinating aside from their very important discoveries. It is interesting to note that scientific thought occurred long before the first scriptures of the Christian religion were ever written.

 Where it is a duty to worship the sun it is pretty sure to be a crime to examine the laws of heat–John Morley (British Statesman, 1838-1923)

   The complete body of the article, “The Age of Science Emerges,” can be found within this blog as listed under Pages.


















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